TOP Business Opportunities and Business 2018 Which Keeps Promising Big Profits


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A good business opportunity in 2018 that will become a new venture and has promising prospects and profitable will apparently be dominated by internet technology-based business.

The growth of internet users in Indonesia itself is growing so fast up to 51% annually that 69% of Indonesian people still access the internet network via smartphone devices and the rest through desktop and tablet.

Then the data related to the development of e-commerce in various countries also noted that the number of Internet users who are accustomed to online shopping has reached 24.74 million people.

With this internet technology has made a new business opportunity is quite tempting, even this also trigger the presence of financial technology companies ( fintech ) in cooperation with financial institutions and banking.

Starting from the type of business with small capital to a variety of side business is suitable for housewives, employees and students and entertainment business is no less excited.

1. Online Business and E-Commerce

As already mentioned at the beginning of this article, given the growth of internet users in Indonesia so rapidly, then the 2018 business opportunity online should be the most target in the priority.

Online business without capital, so far it has been a lot of lured by the slogan, although in fact all businesses still require investment, it’s just that value is still quite easy to reach even for a beginner though.

For those who have a very minimal capital budget, the online world is still very wide open to start a business career.

At a minimum you must have gadgets and quotas to be able to access the internet network because this is the main capital that must exist for all online business.

How much online business earnings?

Pursue business in the world of the Internet is very flexible and all depends on what field you most mastered.

It also can not be instantaneous and it takes a long experience to find one of the most suitable opportunities until you become a senior.

For the amount of income, an internet marketer the opportunity to earn unlimited income as long as he is consistent to reach the pro level for the field in tekuni.

Both youtuber and blogger has a lot of proven to get money from the internet up to tens of millions per month just with the actual capital is very small for a business with a profit that can reach 100 x capital.

So great business internet or online business, it is no wonder if staying will be the top ranking in business opportunities 2018 until the future.

2. Business industry and creative endeavor

Business bandar judi tangkasnet ideas and creative endeavors are actions that come from positive activities so that they can then produce something that has a selling point.

Starting a creative business in general will be easier when someone already has a talent or passion in a particular field or even can start from a hobby only.

Thus if a person has been able to explore his own potential to economic success, then this is the activity that can be said most comfortable among other types of work.

As for some examples of creative industries that still have a promising prospect in the world of business opportunities 2018 are as follows:

Digital and technological fields
– It is undeniable that developments in the digital technology sector are growing rapidly. And from here will emerge a variety of new business opportunities such as:

Building applications
– It seems that people are already familiar with the use of various applications to support their activities so that it becomes a great opportunity for those who have the talent and expertise in this field.

Web Design
– In the future every business owner and business can not be separated anymore with the name web company profile.
By having a web page, in addition to facilitate the promotion, of course, prospective customers will also be faster in digging information about the products offered.

Design drawing
– Having the expertise of designing images or other types of graphics is a potential business opportunity even for business 2018 later: design drawings tshirts distro, logo design, cutting stickers and photo and video editing services.

3. Online Service (Business services and services online)

Next to be a business opportunity in the year 2018 is on the field of online-based services.

Actually about the example of online-based business services have existed since a few years ago and until now will continue to grow and develop along with the mobility of people who increasingly congested are:

Online transportation

Especially for those who live in big cities, of course, already familiar with online transport services such as gojek or grab.

When compared with conventional transportation facilities such as motorcycle taxis, argo taxis, public transportation or any other, of course people will be more enthusiastic with this online-based services.

The reason is quite simple because of the ease in getting a fast service even in the side of the tariff or the cost is almost the same between everything.

Reservation or booking of ticket and hotel

Then also about the transaction booking a ticket or hotel room that is currently also so easy without the hassle of getting away from where you are.

All of them rely solely on the smartphone application technology connected to the internet network so simply click you can get the service you want.

For those of you who have the ability or capital to build a startup Internet-based business services, then this one business opportunity can be said the most potential and very promising for now even up to the fore.


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