Google and Amazon go head to head as both their bluetooth speakers are slashed to £99


Both the Google Home and the Amazon Echo are now on sale – for exactly the same price.

While £30 has been slashed off the price of Google’s offering, taking it from £129 to £99, the Echo has been discounted by a whopping £50 – now just £99 at Argos rather than £149 – their lowest ever price.

The price drops seem to be taking place at all the big electronics retailers on the high street, including Tesco, Argos, John Lewis, Currys PC World and Maplin.

There are a few variations across the high street, with everyone apart from Argos, selling the Echo for £99.99 – 99p more than Google Home.

It seems you can also bag a bonus freebie on the Google Home if you shop smart, as the likes of Currys and Maplin are also offering three free months of Google Play Music, on top of the price crash.

But whose innovative tech offering do you prefer? We round up each of the prices from all the big retailers below.

Where to buy Google Home

It might look like an air-freshener but it does great things (Image: Jeff Parsons)
  • Currys: £99, including delivery. Plus get a FREE 3 months Google Play Music when you buy this product (then £9.99 per month afterwards).
  • Maplin: £99, including delivery. Plus get a FREE 3 months Google Play Music when you buy this product (then £9.99 per month afterwards).
  • Argos: £99, including delivery.
  • John Lewis: £99, including delivery.
  • Google Store: £129, including delivery.
  • Very: £129 + £3.50 delivery.

Coloured bases will also be available for £18 for fabric and £36 for metal, with customisation offerings giving Google’s entry yet another leg up over Amazon, which only comes in black or white.

Where to buy the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo
This popular device would usually set you back £149
  • Argos: £99, including delivery.
  • Amazon: £99.99, including delivery.
  • Currys: £99.99, including delivery.
  • Tesco: £99.99, including delivery.
  • Maplin: £99.99, including delivery.
  • Very: £99.99 + £3.50 delivery


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Which one is cheaper in the long-term?

With the Amazon Echo and Google Home using different resources to facilitate their smart speakers, the cost of a subscription could add up over the years.

Google uses YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio, while the Amazon Echo opts for Amazon Music, Prime Music, Spotify Premium, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Audible.

So while they both use a wide range of both free and paid music services, the difference lies in Youtube, which can access a much larger range of songs. Plus, as Google Home uses Google (rather than Bing) to search for the songs, it can understand you even if you only know a few lyrics of the s


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