Why Beyonce turned down a role in Beauty and the Beast remake


THE Beauty and the Beast live-action remake made a killing at the box office, but it could have done even better.

Director Bill Condon has revealed that he tried to cast Beyonce in the movie — alongside Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor and Emma Thompson — but she turned it down.

The role? Plummette, the seductive maid turned feather duster, of course.

Speaking to Yahoo, Condon revealed that the part simply wasn’t big enough for the multi-Grammy Award-winning artist, which was a shame as “she would have been a good feather duster”.

Had Queen Bey taken him up on the offer, it would have been a big-screen reunion for the pair -Condon directed the star in the film adaptation of the musical Dreamgirls in 2006.

And Beyonce’s not the only star who almost appeared in Beauty and the Beast.

Earlier this year, British comic actor Stephen Merchant revealed to podcast Lovett or Leave It

that he was supposed to play a toilet in the Beast’s haunted castle — but his scenes were deleted at the last minute for being too vulgar.

“Yeah, it stings. I was asked if I would appear in Beauty and the Beast, the most successful film of 2017,” he revealed.

“So I went down to Pinewood Studios in England and they dressed me up. And I’ve not seen Beauty and the Beast. Either version. Or read the script. I’m a maverick. Apparently, lots of characters get turned into objects and they get turned back into people again at the end … and they wanted somebody to cameo to be the guy who turns back from a toilet. And that was me. “So they doused me in sort of fake urine and they filmed me and I just sort of looked shocked and just said, ‘The horror!’ And then they cut it out.”

Stephen Merchant was cut from Beauty and the Beast.