7 Facts Yoon Doo-joon (Radio Romance 2018)


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One of the latest drakors fans are waiting for is Radio Romance, a love drama starring Yoon Doo-joon and Kim So-hyun. Viewers would have been very familiar with the pretty Kim So-hyun, but what about Doojoon? Who is he? Well, Doojoon is better known among K-Poppers because he is the idol who became the leader of Highlight boyband, or formerly known as BEAST.

Well, let’s get to know a little more about Doojoon in the following facts nonton movie.

1. Doojoon actually did not intend to be an artist because his dream first was to become a high school physical education teacher. But after watching Big Bang Documentary on MTV, she changed her mind.

2. Parents and teachers Doojoon initially disagreed with his intention to become an artist, but he begged his parents to put him in a music school and then he auditioned to become a singer.

3. When becoming a JYP Entertainment trainee, this Goyang man competes in a Hot Blooded Men reality show featuring hard preparations for the trainees with 2AM or 2PM. But unfortunately he was eliminated on the show.

4. Do not want to wait too long in JYP, Doojoon decided to move to Cube Entertainment where he finally managed to become leader BEAST in 2009 until 2016.

5. Doojoon several times collaborate with his colleagues to fill the drama soundtrack, one song “Without You” (with Yoseob and Dongwoon) who became the drum OST Scholar Who Walks the Night.

6. He has debuted as an actor in 2010. His most important role is as Goo Dae-young in the drama Let’s Eat and its sequel, Let’s Eat 2.

7. Thanks to his acting in Let’s Eat drama, Doojoon was awarded the Rising Actor Award from the 201N TVN go Awards. He previously won the Rookie Comedy Award from MBC Entertainment Awards 2010 thanks to his role in More Charming by the Day and All My Love dramas.


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